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Imagine Central Arkansas Partners website

Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA) (April 2015)
(HUD grant deliverable)
(May 2014)

Imagine Central Arkansas Blueprint for a Sustainable Region - Deliverables (Adopted December, 2014)

Documents from the July 30, 2013 meeting
Arterial Vision Projects Map
Areawide Freeway Projects Map
Regional Transit Vision and Bike Pedestrian Project Map
Draft 2040 LRMTP Projects List/Freeway Projects
Project Evaluation Handout
Project Evaluation Criteria Handout

Documents from the June 17, 2013 meeting

Imagine Central Arkansas Communications Schedule

Vision Plan: Concept Map

Vision Plan: Freeways and Regional Arterial Network

Vision Plan: Bikeways

Vision Plan: Local Transit Service

Project Evaluation Criteria

Agenda 6-17-2013

Documents from the December 6, 2012 meeting
HUD Community Outreach Summary
Imagine Central Arkansas Hosted Visit Overview

Documents related to the HUD Grant
Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA) (4/10/14)
Imagine Central Arkansas Partners Work Plan
Consortium Agreement (Draft 7/8/12)
HUD Sustainable Communities Grant Application

Handouts from the June 28 meeting
Social Isolation, Aging and Transportation
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety by the Numbers
Central Arkansas Air Quality Issues

Description of RPAC and Imagine Central Arkansas Partners

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